La Chiusa





Luca Maroni 2019


Grand International Wine Award Mundus Vini 2017


Berliner Wein Trophy 2019




Note tecniche

Barbera Rubicone I.G.T.
100% Barbera
Canale dei Molini
Clayey - Calcareous
Residual Sugar:
Ageing Process:

Note di degustazione

Generosa Barbera.
Bevendola ci pare
d'esser soli in mare
sfidanti una bufera

If the Vini dei Mulini brand was created to pay homage to the wine culture of Imola, the search to identify the inaugural wine of the new line certainly could not fail to be directed towards one of the main cornerstones of the oenological tradition of this territory. Substantial, full-bodied and true: Barbera is certainly one of the vines most closely linked to popular culture, even today it distinguishes itself among the varieties favoured by local consumers.

With the La Chiusa project our team of oenologists wanted to establish Romagnol Barbera on an international level, and to showcase its extraordinary potentiality in terms of structure and elegance.

Visually La Chiusa presents an attractive intense ruby red colour, dense but luminous, with slight reflections of amaranthus and, when turned in the glass, reveals an excellent consistency. The olfactory profile is complex and inviting, with a broad variety of secondary and tertiary suggestions: on opening it is intensely fruity, with notes of the small red and black fruits (blackberries, blueberries, currant) which then give way to disclose more complex suggestions – vanilla, liquorice, black pepper.

On tasting, La Chiusa reveals good tannins and freshness, typical characteristics of the grape which find perfect balance here with a significant alcohol content and an underlying softness obtained by the excellent technique of ageing in barrels: the choice of the large cask, and the perfect calculation of the timing for its use, in fact allows the tertiary sensations to emerge to complete and refine the tasting experience without ever obscuring the aromatic characteristics of the grapes.

On the table La Chiusa makes a perfect companion for structured pasta dishes (lasagne, cannelloni), braised and stewed meat dishes, but also for game, boiled meat and spicy cheeses. 

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