Tenuta del Principe is a project created by a team of winemakers with a passion for the great wines of the Italian tradition. Their goal is to create a product line that encompasses the undisputed excellence of our country, with special attention to the quality of each wine: thanks to the network of collaboration that is the basis of this project, the chain of production of each product is in fact constantly programmed and monitored so as to ensure not only the best chemical and organoleptic characteristics, but also the most perfect respect of each production regulations.

Born in Emilia Romagna, this project is aimed primarily at the two best excellence of its territory: Albana and Sangiovese; it was then expanded to include what may be considered the most famous Italian wine, Barolo.

Tenuta del Principe is now a solid ongoing project, whose success is confirmed by many - and repeatedly confirmed - international achievements as reported in our previous article Passion for Excellence.

Today a new chapter has been added to this great story: Sereso, the Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore Riserva, reached its fourth edition with 2012 vintage.

After the debut in 2008 - even if it was named Cerreto at that time - Sereso has quickly established itself as Tenuta del Principe flagship product, emphasizing the strong link between the project and the territory where all started, Romagna.

Faithful interpreter of the famous Romagna grape, Sereso affects the taster for its typicity: broad and intense aroma, with beautiful scents of fruits - ripe red berries, plum jam - and flowers - pink and violet - perfectly harmonized by tertiary notes from 18-months aging in oak barrels.

An extraordinary aromatic framework, able to masterly recur at the palate to make Sereso 2012 an elegant, fine wine that proves to be worthy of its predecessors even in the still strong exuberance of youth.

Graphically, Sereso 2012 reconfirms the traditional style, enriched by golden details and new capsule (also golden) with monogram.
The wine is already available and sold in horizontal 6-bottles box.

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