"To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is to not have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything. [...].

The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, the soft of colours, the harmonious unity of the sky and the sea, the sea to the land …

who saw them once, shall possess them for a lifetime."


So Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe wrote to eternalize the fiery beauty of Sicily, an ancient region deeply proud of its History and traditions on which it bases and claims maybe the strongest identity of the Mediterranean region.

When we first thought about the “Tenute d’Italia” project, some goals were set, and one of the most important of them was the willing of translate the experience of a complex and multifaceted reality as Italy through a selection of products that are proposed as sincere interpreters of their home territory.
Just like the instruments of an orchestra, the wines included in our catalog contribute to offer our clients the great symphony of Italian tradition: a song of passion, History and strong cultural identities.

We are deeply convinced that Sicily still plays a key role in the process of understanding Italy, and for this reason our recent efforts have been oriented to include this precious instrument within our little orchestra. Therefore, the Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea makes its debut in Tenute d’Italia with the brand new Stella del Sud line.

To inaugurate the line two of the most representative Sicilian wines have been chosen, not only for their reputation but mainly for their ability to convey the typical features Sicilian wine-making tradition.

We are pleased to introduce you:

SYRAH TERRE SICILIANE I.G.P. 2015 This round, structured Syah opens with savoury notes of cracked pepper, blueberries and black plum. The dense, warm palate delivers juicy black cherry, chocolate and liquorice in tandem with fine-grained tannins that hold the flavours together. It is balanced by firm, bright acidity and an enveloping warmth.

Perfect with richly flavoured pasta, roasted or stewed meat.

NERO D'AVOLA TERRE SICILIANE I.G.P. 2015 Heady scents of rosebud, red berry and ground pepper lead the nose of this intensely fruit-forward Nero d’Avola. Mouthfeel is young and fresh, with vivid spicy notes accompanying a graceful touch of cleansing acidity at the end. Pair it with both red and white meat or enjoy a wonderful match with savoury fishes (grilled tuna) and aged cheeses.

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