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A SOUL AS GREEN AS OUR VINES Our attention to the environment and the health of our customers is more than a service: it is a mission for which we passionately renew our commitment every day.

We believe that wine is one of the highest expressions of the interaction between man and Nature. To honor this special bond, we commit ourselves every day to developing an increasingly attentive production approach to safeguard the environment and the health of consumers.

From the defense and nutrition protocols of the vineyard to the cellar operations, Tenute d'Italia constantly strives, through in-depth research, to develop innovative processing techniques that guarantee the maximum healthfulness of the raw material and, consequently, of the finished products.

This approach, faithfully applied within the so-called traditional agriculture, has provided the perfect basis for the development of an increasing interest in organic and biodynamic production techniques, in the profound belief that they represent not only a marketing tool but much more: a veritable seal that our network has set on its daily mission in favour of nature.

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