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Note tecniche

Manzoni Bianco Rubicone I.G.T.
100% Manzoni Bianco
Santerno Wines
Medium Mixture
Residual Sugar:
Ageing Process:
Stainless Steel Tank

Note di degustazione

Between 1924 and 1935, at the Oenological School of Conegliano, professor Luigi Manzoni inaugurated an intense activity of experimentation on the vine, the first in Italy, with the objective of obtaining “a white grape and black grape wine that could replace to advantage the varieties cultivated up to that time”. These studies resulted in numerous hybrids, the result of the combination of different varieties, among which the so-called Manzoni Hybrid 6.0.13, otherwise called Manzoni Bianco.

Offspring of a union between Reisling and Pinot Bianco, it very soon met great fortune thanks to the precious characteristics inherited from its botanical parents: in addition to a great adaptability, which allowed for effective planting on different types of terrain, the Manzoni Hybrid 6.0.13 also showed from the start a significant resistance to the most feared phytosanitary adversities, above all the Botytis mildew and the Esca grape disease.

Although born in Veneto, the Manzoni Bianco therefore possesses in its genes (literally) the vocation to search for ever new territorial declinations, to translate them into versions that are as similar as they are profoundly original.

A varied, joyful chorus, in which the different terroir stimulate the imagination of the producers to best enhance the wonderful characteristics of this vine and that from today, with Cheilante, is enriched with a new voice. The Santerno Valley, with its special pedoclimatic characteristics, offers the Manzoni Bianco an imposing stage on which to shine: drawing body from the earth and refining its aromatic profile thanks to the microclimate of the valley, what emerges is a wine with a great personality, well-structured and with an exceptional intensity - both mineral and alcoholic.

Preferably served cool (10-12°C), it works perfectly alongside raw fish dishes, seafood and shellfish but also with delicate meats (lamb) and short-to-medium aged cheeses.

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