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Tenute d'Italia is an innovative network created by the amalgamation of numerous wineries addressing specific needs of each market. We share common objectives, which includes the creation of a compatible system, based on quality control and highlighting the individual specialisations of the wineries that make it up.


A Soul as green as our vineyards

Promoting the unrepeatable character of each territory with attention to the environment and to the health of our customers is more than a service: it is a mission for which we passionately renew our commitment every day, to be custodians of ancient flavours. Our Organic and Biodynamic wines are real proof of this.


«A wine is not only a product: it is life, emotion, narrative ...»

A varied offers of rare excellence, with important production quantities, but always maintaining that quality and operational elasticity able to best satisfy the needs of its customers/clients.

Our Story

A team of oenologists and agronomists who, from 40 years, have been supervising the wine production process with respect for the land and the traditions of the territory, and who are constantly engaged in in-depth research to develop innovative processing techniques that guarantee the maximum healthiness of the grapes and, consequently, of the wines.

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Guido Garelli, Paolo Bonetti and Giampietro Morini founded Morini srl, a company specialising in agronomic and oenological consultancy.

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Tenute d’Italia, a Business network, is born by the union between:
- Polenghe Organic and Biodynamic Estate,
- Garelli Organic Estate,
- Tenute Winery and
- Morini srl



A network of Producers serving the specific needs of Each Market

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ExportOver 30 countries worldwide


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Our CommitmentLet's cultivate the great future of Italian wine together


A TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS SPECIALIZED IN EVERY SECTOR Production plans and commercial strategies are developed by a team of professionals specialized in each sector. 

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A SOUL AS GREEN AS OUR VINES Our attention to the environment and the health of our customers is more than a service: it is a mission for which we passionately...

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GUARANTEED CONTROL ON EVERY BOTTLE Tenute d'Italia guarantees complete control of the whole production chain of each bottle marketed. 

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