Il Sapiente Ltd.Edition

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Technical notes

Barbera Sangiovese Rubicone I.G.T.
60% Barbera - 40% Sangiovese
Conte Zardi
Medium Mixture
Residual Sugar:
Ageing Process:

Tasting notes

Sapiente (adj) [from Latin sapiens -entis pres. part. of sapere “to taste, to have taste, to be wise”] – 1. Said of a person, rich in knowledge, that has much and profound understanding acquired not only through study, but also through experience, meditation, reflection: a sapient man, the most sapient king Solomon.

Sumptuously fruity, with its magnificent structure, this new version of Il Sapiente embodies all the qualities that render a wine truly unique and special.

Its vigorous body, nourished by a pleasing alcoholic warmth and velvety tannins, is perfectly balanced and reinforced by a surprising freshness, whilst tantalizing hints of spices tickle the senses to which the noble fruit, born of the union of two incredible vines, offers  its own richness and complexity.

This special edition of Il Sapiente enables the Conte Zardi brand to take another step forward on the bold path that leads the best grapes of the Romagnola wine tradition to centre stage of the international market, fully revealing the potential of an ancient but equally vibrant  tradition.


"Emilia-Romagna da Bere 2020" Award

Luca Maroni: Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines 2021


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