Il Sapiente Rosso

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Technical notes

Sangiovese Rubicone I.G.T.
85% Sangiovese - 15% Syrah
Conte Zardi
Medium Mixture
Residual Sugar:
Ageing Process:


Tasting notes

Sapiente (adj) [from Latin sapiens -entis pres. part. of sapere “to taste, to have taste, to be wise”] – 1. Said of a person, rich in knowledge, that has much and profound understanding acquired not only through study, but also through experience, meditation, reflection: a sapient man, the most sapient king Solomon.

We think that nothing more than this simple definition of the word "sapiente" (meaning “knowledgeable” or “wise”) - taken from the illustrious dictionary of the Italian language, "Treccani" - can describe  the decision to choose it as a name for a wine that intends to offer itself as a true summary  of that very broad spectrum of colours, flavours and sensations that make up the most authentic Romagnol tradition: every single characteristic of this Sangiovese is in fact able to project the taster's imagination to that dimension, both geographic and spiritual, which historically is Romagna.

Sapiente doesn’t just invite you to taste it – it invites you to go on a journey, it offers you the opportunity to allow yourself to be completely immersed in timeless sensory suggestions: these, in addition to their initial impact and the inducement  to take yet another sip, also strongly evoke the gastronomic dimension, essential for the perfection of the experience of the Sapiente, not only on the sensorial level, but also, above all, by the call to the lively, affectionate and cheerfully boisterous convivial dimension that naturally develops around the tables of Romagna.

This impetuous Sangiovese - perfected by the appetizing spicy notes imparted by the small percentage of Syrah that completes the blend - as an accompaniment offers plenty of scope for the elaboration of the most diverse combinations, stimulating the imagination and the ongoing search for new table partnerships.


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